More About Other Birth Control Options

Use the information below to help you and your doctor decide which birth control is right  for you. The following list is in no particular order and there may be other options  available that aren’t listed below. This chart shows other birth control options. The left  side of the chart contains the birth control method, and the right side provides  information about its use.

Long-Acting Reversible Methods

Birth Control Options: ImplantBirth Control Options: Implant
Implant—The implant is a single, thin rod that is inserted under the skin of the upper arm and releases progestin into the body for up to 3 years.
Birth Control Options: Copper T Intrauterine Device (IUD)Birth Control Options: Copper T Intrauterine Device (IUD)
Copper T intrauterine device (IUD)—The Copper T IUD is a small device that is shaped in the form of a “T.” Your doctor places it inside the uterus to prevent pregnancy for up to 10 years.
Birth Control Options: Levonorgestrel Intrauterine System (LNG IUD)Birth Control Options: Levonorgestrel Intrauterine System (LNG IUD)
Levonorgestrel intrauterine system (LNG IUD)—The LNG IUD is a small T-shaped device like the Copper T IUD. It is placed inside the uterus by a doctor and releases a small amount of progestin each day to prevent pregnancy for up to 5 years.

Non-Daily Methods

Birth Control Options: InjectionBirth Control Options: Injection
Injection or “shot”—Women get shots of the hormone progestin in the buttocks or arm every 3 months from their doctor.
Birth Control Options: PatchBirth Control Options: Patch
Patch—The skin patch is prescribed by a doctor and worn on the lower abdomen, buttocks, or upper body (but not on the breasts) and releases the hormones progestin and estrogen into the bloodstream. You replace the patch every week.

Daily Methods

Birth Control Options: Combined Oral ContraceptivesBirth Control Options: Combined Oral Contraceptives
Combined oral contraceptives (the pill)—Combined oral contraceptives are prescribed by a doctor and contain the hormones estrogen and progestin. A pill is taken at the same time each day.
Birth Control Options: Progestin-Only PillBirth Control Options: Progestin-Only Pill
Progestin-only pill—Unlike the combined pill, the progestin-only pill (sometimes called the mini-pill) only has one hormone, progestin, instead of both estrogen and progestin. A pill is taken at the same time each day.

Barrier Methods

Birth Control Options: DiaphragmBirth Control Options: Diaphragm
Diaphragm—The diaphragm is placed inside the vagina to cover the cervix to block sperm.
Birth Control Options: Male CondomBirth Control Options: Male Condom
Male condom—The male condom keeps sperm from getting into a woman’s body. Latex condoms, the most common type, help prevent pregnancy, HIV, and other STDs, as do the newer synthetic condoms. “Natural” or “lambskin” condoms also help prevent pregnancy, but may not provide protection against STDs, including HIV.
Birth Control Options: SpermicidesBirth Control Options: Spermicides
Spermicides—Spermicides work by killing sperm in either foam, gel, cream, film, suppository, or tablet form. They are placed in the vagina no more than an hour before sex.

Fertility Awareness-Based Methods

Birth Control Options: Natural Family Planning or Fertility AwarenessBirth Control Options: Natural Family Planning or Fertility Awareness
Natural family planning or fertility awareness—Understanding your monthly fertility pattern can help you plan or avoid pregnancy. A regular monthly cycle has about 9 fertile days each month. If you do not want to get pregnant, do not have sex on those days, or use a barrier birth control.

Not all birth control methods reduce the risk of or protect against HIV or other STDs.


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